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<Video1> meruru Promotion Video

meruru is a device that allows you to "insert" and "remove" soft contact lenses and colored contact lenses without your fingertips touching the lens.
In June 2013, meruru was born as the world's first "soft contact lens insertion and removal tool.”
It was developed by a woman.
She has spent three years developing this product for people who have trouble inserting and removing soft and colored contact lenses.
meruru has cumulatively shipped more than 300,000 units in 2020.
This product is recommended not only for those who have trouble inserting and removing their contact lenses every day, but also for those who are concerned about their fingertips touching their lenses due to COVID-19 pandemic.

<Video2>”Insert” contact lenses with meruru

1:Stick your contact lens to the back of the spoon end of the stick.
Turn the stick slightly about half a turn and scoop up the lens as if it were being rolled up.
2:Transfer the lens that was rolled up with the stick by sliding it onto the trumpet shaped part of the tweezers.
※For thin contact lenses, gently shake the stick to remove water before transferring.
3:Open your eyes wide with the hand that is not holding the tweezers and slowly insert the lens.
※It will be easier to insert the lens if you open the other eye as wide as the eye that you are inserting the lens in.

<Video3>”Remove” contact lenses with meruru

1:Pull your chin back a little, look upward, and pull your eyelid down with the hand that is not holding the tweezers.
2:Touch the contact lens with the knobs evenly on both sides. From that state, close the tweezers and remove the lens.
※When closing the tweezers, apply equal pressure on both sides.
※If it is difficult to apply force when closing the tweezers, shift the fingers that are holding the tweezers toward the knob to make it easier to apply force.

<Video4>How to remove Hard-to-Remove contact lenses with meruru

While looking straight in the mirror in front of you, pull your chin in until it touches your chest.
This will make you look in the mirror with an extreme puppy face.
Touch the left and right sides of the tweezers' knobs evenly to the border between the white and black eyes, and close the tweezers with some pressure in the same position to remove the lens.
1.Pull your chin in firmly until it touches your chest.
2.Touch the knobs of the tweezers evenly on both sides of the border between the white and black eyes.
3.Do not lift the knob part from the lens until the tweezers are completely closed!

<Video5>Tips for inserting ultra-thin contact lenses

Ultra-thin contact lenses may stick to the stick if there is too much water on the lens, making it difficult to transfer.
When this happens, wrap the lens around the stick only about halfway, and shake the stick well to remove water from the lens.